Peregrine watch point goes live in the Plym Valley


The dedicated group of over 30 Volunteers are again drawing up their rota. With the help of our ranger Simon Garland they are overseeing the successful nesting of the pair of Peregrine Falcons in the Plym Valley. The birds were likely nesting in Cann Quarry shortly after its creation as a result of slate mining which ceased 1911. The peregrine watchers have given the birds 24hour protection since 2001 following two separate poisoning attempts. Each year this amazing team experience a heady mixture of drama, excitement and expectation as these masters of the sky settle down to breed and this year is no exception. A young male from last year’s brood has remained with the adults over the winter but is now out staying his welcome! Continue reading…

Dartmoor’s Leadership – who we are

Dartmoor SLT

Thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves! We are the National Trust’s Leadership Team on Dartmoor. Below we tell you what we all do.

Front left to right: Adrian Colston (General Manager), Gus Fergusson (Lead Ranger – South Dartmoor), Ben Shapcott (Foundry Manager – Finch Foundry) Debbie Halls (Administrator) Catherine Maddern (Visitor Services and Enterprises Manager) and Mick Jones (Lead Ranger – North Dartmoor). Continue reading…

Dartmoor’s birds and the new BTO Atlas

Dartmoor's birds and the new BTO Atlas

Every now and again a book appears which grabs your attention and dominates your time! The last time this happened to me was when Mark Avery’s ‘Fighting for Birds‘ was published. Now the BTO, Birdwatch Ireland and the SOC have published their Bird Atlas 2007-11. It is a magnum opus both in terms of size and intellect. The book does however differ in many ways from Mark’s – I read his at a single sitting whereas the Atlas will take months to digest! Continue reading…

FBI at Lydford Gorge!

FBI at Lydford Gorge!

Not the Federal Bureau, but the Family Bonding Initiative…. An afternoon of creative fun for families to work together as a team. Last Thursday saw the first of three of these free drop in sessions. Around 20 families enjoyed designing and constructing wooden character faces ranging from horses to bears and even the occasional brother or sister! Continue reading…

Waterfalls & Rockfalls-a day at Lydford Gorge!

Waterfalls & Rockfalls-a day at Lydford Gorge

I had a surprise on June the 26th whilst doing a routine check of the path’s at Lydford Gorge. An overnight slippage had occurred in the ravine just down from the Devils Cauldron falls.

The path was closed immediately for safety and visitors re-routed to the Cauldron. Phil our friendly ‘rock doctor’ was on site within hours to check the site and advise on remedial work. Continue reading…