The chickens of Tor Bridge High will sleep that bit easier tonight as they christen their new run.  Tor Bridge High took advantage of the National Trusts employee volunteering scheme which allows Trust staff up to 5 days each year to volunteer with other organisations. Stuart one of the NT Dartmoor Rangers went along to Estover to help build a deluxe run for the schools much loved flock. This is however is just the tip of the collaborative iceberg.

Part of the schools challenge week this June will involve an overnight wild camping on Trust land in the NT Dartmoor tepee. September then sees Tor Bridge High climbing experts run an adventure special on the Castle Drogo estate. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

If you have a worthy cause that can be helped along with a handy man and hard work drop us a line below.




  1. Gaina Seager   •  

    I saw some route signs around drogo estate on a walk the other day and wondered if you all joined in the race this year? Lucky it wasn’t a few weeks later, with all that rain could’ve been quite slippy. Regards Gaina

    • Stuart Mathieson   •     Author


      Only me this this year (and last). It was on Sun Nov 17th which was a glorious day, improved my time by 5 min and 50 odd places. Hurt a lot!


      • Gaina Seager   •  

        That’s good going,its a tough route! Since leaving the castle cafe I’m a bit out of touch with events at drogo,anything happening over the winter months?

        • Stuart Mathieson   •     Author

          Oh not much just starting the next phase making the castle water tight, whilst reinterpreting and opening up previously unseen parts of the castle.

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