A day with the nocturnal animals!

Pupils find a badger print

Leigham Primary School visited Plym bridge woods last week to see what nocturnal animals they could find.

Following a talk in school by the ranger, the children began their day by tracking a trail of clues left by nocturnal animals. The animals had been busy during the night leaving tracks and droppings which the children identified using their key of animal prints and facts they had learnt in school.

As well as listening out for the sounds of owls, the children also had the opportunity to look at badger, fox and hedgehog skulls and investigate the results of a night’s moth trapping.

In the afternoon they had a  chance to become a moth in a preditor prey game before visiting the Peregrines and a spot of bird watching.

Back at school the year 2 children will be reporting on their findings as part of their Literacy and Science curriculum.

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