Double whammy

Hi, we in the Teign valley are just coming to the end of our annual round of tree planting. 2,410 trees planted, 90 to go.
Last week we were helped in no small way by two groups, one new to us, the other old friends.

The first group were from advertising company JC Deceaux, and if you are anything like me you will say-never heard of them! However next time you are in an Airport, trainstation or supermarket look at the big advertising boards dotted around and you will soon realise that they are (or should be) a household name.
JC Deceaux

13 willing volunteers got stuck in for the day and planted…wait for it… 500 trees! thats a new record for any of our groups.
They were joined on the day by our friends the Sticklepath and Okehampton Conservation group (STOC) They planted hundreds more trees and left us with a paltry few trees which we will be planting this week with the Okehampton scouts and a group from Exeter college. Many thanks to all who took part and if you or a company that you know of want to get involved then get in touch on 01647 433356.
Planting trees

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