Drogo’s Day of the Triffids!

Marauding Triffids have been spotted ambushing Baby Bunty outside her cottage at Castle Drogo. Head Gardener John Rippin said ” We recently introduced the carnivorous plants to Baby Bunty’s newly re-designed garden and had no idea they would turn into such monsters”.

Latest reports seem to indicate that the situation has stabilised, a spokesperson for the National Trust has commented that that the meat eating plants  seem to have calmed down and can now be seen calmly digesting flies and other creepy crawlies. The following public apology has been issued to Baby Bunty.

“Please accept our deepest apologies. We shall ensure that this kind of horticultural disaster  never happens again. Due to the overwhelming pressure  from our younger visitors we have taken the difficult decision to keep the  plants in your garden.  Be assured however that we shall do our best to keep them well fed with plenty of insects from now on!”.

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