New Forest visitors to the Upper Plym

The New Forest History and Archaeology Group have been visiting Dartmoor this week and as part of their planned activities spent Wednesday being guided around some of the important archaeological sites in the Upper Plym.

The morning walk with the Ranger was spent around the Dewerstone looking at the extensive industrial archaeology. Visits were made to the Ferro-Ceramic mine, Brogden and Casper’s Brick kiln and all of the China Clay Kiln workings.

After an enjoyable lunch in Meavy, and an appreciation of the impressive 800 year oak on the village green, the afternoon was spent on the sites around Trowlesworthy.

As well as looking at the late Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements, enclosures, stone rows, kists and cairns there was also time to study the evidence left behind from Trowlesworthy’s rabbit warrening history.

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