Oil Beetles at Plym Valley

Following on from the blog article by our collegues at Hembury Woods (dated 24th March), Plym Valley staff and volunteers have been keeping a close eye on the ground for oil beetles. Over the past few weeks, we have had numerous sightings and have discovered that Plymbridge Woods is home for the Black and Violet Oil Beetles (Meloe proscarabaeus and Meloe violaceus respectively).

The specimen pictured (M. violaceus) was discovered while Rangers were working near the Dewerstone on Dartmoor.

If you are interested in seeing an oil beetle, Colwill Meadow in Plymbridge Woods is an excellent spot to find them. The meadow can be found upstream from Plymbridge on the left side of the river. Don’t forget to report your sightings at www.buglife.org.uk

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