Paths, Picnics and Pubs

Now that summer is with us the vegetation begins to take over many of our footpaths, making some nearly impassable to all but the most thick skinned. It is at this time of year that we begin our annual round of path cutting to maintain the paths and provide good quality access around all of our properties. For many properties, particularly coastal ones, this is a major task occupying most of the summer, with miles and miles of footpath needing to be strimmed perhaps twice a year. Here in the Teign valley we come off somewhat better as most of our paths are within woods which makes them less likely to become overgrown as light levels are lower. Never the less we still have our fair share of path cutting to do. We have also recently undertaken the annual haircut of fingle bridge meadows, having waited for the majority of flowering plants to finish seeding.  These meadows are incredibly popular at this time of year, particularly at weekends, with people walking, cycling, horseriding, picnicing, paddling in the river or just enjoying the atmosphere from the safety of the nearby Fingle Bridge Inn’s beer garden next to the river (not National Trust owned). If you have never visited before, you can find Fingle Bridge about 1.5 miles from the village of Drewsteignton, which is signposted off the A30 between Exeter and Whiddon Down. Come and see for yourself.

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