Peregrine watch point goes live in the Plym Valley


The dedicated group of over 30 Volunteers are again drawing up their rota. With the help of our ranger Simon Garland they are overseeing the successful nesting of the pair of Peregrine Falcons in the Plym Valley. The birds were likely nesting in Cann Quarry shortly after its creation as a result of slate mining which ceased 1911. The peregrine watchers have given the birds 24hour protection since 2001 following two separate poisoning attempts. Each year this amazing team experience a heady mixture of drama, excitement and expectation as these masters of the sky settle down to breed and this year is no exception. A young male from last year’s brood has remained with the adults over the winter but is now out staying his welcome!Watch this amazing footage captured by Steve Waterhouse – firstly we see last years young male on the probable nesting site for this year quietly preening and enjoying the early spring sunshine, suddenly the adult female spots him on the nest follow the link below to see what happens next.  Have the volume turned up to hear her iconic calls.

As you see she tells the youngster in no uncertain terms its time to move on and shortly after not caught on camera the adult male did the same.

You may have spotted something else in this footage as well? Not sure – watch again – is the female, having shown off the young male looking closely at something in the base of the nest?

May the team have its first egg of the season find out by following the link below or better still visit the amazing watcher team at the quarry and see the birds for your self  through the telescopes provided and find out the very latest news.

For more details visit the Plym Peregrines website.

AJ Bellamy – Lead Ranger South Dartmoor


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