Setting the Benchmark.

I have posted before on the use of our own Oak for structures within the Teign Valley. Here is the latest example during creation, a memorial bench soon to join others near Fingle bridge. We like to keep our benchs rustic and in keeping with the landscape around them. The Oak used was felled  last year as part of our woodland thinning to promote better woodland structure and improve species diversity. The piece of Oak is still very much “green” as this wood will never truly dry out (season) in the round (as a log), it needs to be cut or split to begin the drying process which is reckoned to be 3 years for firewood use. We use an “alaskan” sawmill attached to our largest chainsaw to cut slabs of timber from the log. In a couple of months you will be able to visit Fingle and try out this bench for yourself. Green Oak- coming to a bottom near you!

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