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Thought I’d share this so you can see what lengths our teams go to for visitors to our property. Recently I helped Phil, ranger for the Parke estate at Bovey Tracy, install a pair of gates, one of which was a two way easy access gate, the other a 12 foot¬† agricultural machinery access gate. In order to make a gate this size sturdy, the hole for the hanging post must be very deep (at least 3 feet).

To make the gate hang correctly, it was necessary for the bottom of the hole to be nice and flat so that we could adjust the hanging post by increments until it worked correctly, Phil bravely volunteered to climb into the hole and flatten the bottom down with his feet (some people will do anything to get out of the Rain!). We resisted a sudden urge to fill in the hole and the gate now hangs proudly in place. Why not come and visit Parke and see it yourself, and next time you go through a gate, think about all the effort that goes into one.

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