Charcoal Burning Event

Last weekend, whilst some were tramping across dartmoor from Tor to Tor, we in the Teign valley hosted a weekend-long event to demonstrate and teach the art of burning charcoal. We filled and lit both of our steel Kilns and also tried the old fashioned method of earth burning- something none of us had ever done before.  The event went well, with most of our income being generated by selling bags of charcoal to passers by who stopped to have a chat and look at the kilns.

As part of the event we all camped out overnight on the meadows near Fingle Bridge, not something we normally allow.  As we sat by our campfire in the evening, we were joined by owls, bats and (best of all) a nightjar calling. Whilst the kilns continued to burn the following day we undertook to make charcoal burners stools, very characteristic as they only have one leg in case you fall asleep on kiln watch.