St. Clements Day at Finch Foundry

As usual, the day started with bacon and egg butties and the blacksmiths demonstrated their skills in a competition to make a candle holder (winner Richard Jones), along with the spectacular firing of the anvil.  For the first time, the Great snail race was staged – this ended up in a tie, so the two fastest blacksmiths went head to head and the winner was Brian Collis.

As well as all this excitement, the BBC were filming for a documentary called Handmade in Britain.

All in all, a good day.



Just when you thought Sticklepath was in Devon

Last Tuesday, the village had a very unusual day – Sticklepath moved north of the border, becoming Gretna Green for the day.  Finch Foundry had been selected to become the setting for a ‘simple’ wedding in a German production of Rosamund Pilcher’s ‘Happiness Unbridled’.  The foundry was decorated with flowers and ivy and  even had a kilted piper outside when it became that famous Scottish blacksmiths shop for the day.

The film will be shown on German Television over the Christmas period.  We’re hoping to get a copy of it to find out how much of the foundry you actually get to see.

Joseph Cavendish on work experience at Finch Foundry

Over the past week I have been working at Finch, I have met some wonderful
people here, and found out a lot about the place and how work and manufacturing
has evolved over the past 50-100 years.

This has been a real eye opener for me personally, as to how even the smallest of properties require a lot of maintenance behind the scenes to keep this Foundry alive and running. Also the atmosphere from the staff and property is so welcoming and friendly it really does stand out and invite you in to look around.

Joseph Cavendish, 17,
work experience.