Wild Tribe 35

Eight months of preparation and twelve training events paid off last weekend for the National Trust’s 35 mile ‘Wild Tribe’ team who, just like the 45 mile team (See the excellent post by Aggie Fielding), successfully completed the 2012 Ten Tors Challenge.

The 35 mile ‘Wild Tribers’, along with approximately 400 other teams, began their Challenge at 0700 on Saturday morning – Two rounds from the 105mm Howitzers and a three helicopter flypast signaled the start! From then on it was all down to the team.

Following Route C, one of 26 different routes set by the Challenge designers, Team C3040 made their way to Oke, Shilstone, Sittaford, Beardown, South Hessary, Black and Staple Tors on the first day. After a night under canvas and some well deserved food, all cooked by themselves, they set off early on Sunday morning to complete their final three Tors: Great Mis, Lynch and Kitty.

With the Ten Tors climbed, and 35 miles walked, all that remained for the team was the much sought after finish line which they duly crossed at 1244. It was a wonderful effort by an excellent, determined and committed team.

Helping them with their training and watching them develop as a team has been a wonderful experience. I can only thank ( in picture order, left to right ) Jonathan, Matt, Connor, George, Alice and Jess for their amazing efforts and contributions to a successful ‘Wild Tribe’. 35 miles in less than twenty hours of walking, carrying all their overnight equipment, over the rugged terrain of Dartmoor is an impressive achievement and I am proud of them all.


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