Wild Tribe Success

Wet weather, strong winds and, at times, zero visability couldn’t stop the National Trust’s Wild Tribe teams from achieving Ten Tors success again this year. Both the 35 and 45 mile teams crossed the finish line early on sunday afternoon to cap over 8 months of preparation that began with the first training walk back in September 2012.

The Wild Tribe 35 team completed Route G at 13.14 following visits to Watern, Sittaford, White, Beardown, Great Mis, South Hessary, Black, Staple, Lynch and Chat Tors; while the Wild tribe 45 team completed Route S at 15.16 following visits to Watern, White, Beardown, South Hessary, Trowlesworthy, Hartor, Staple, Lynch, Sourton and Oke Tors.

In difficult conditions, both teams gave excellent performances that highlighted their commitment, determination and navigation skill. An impressive achievement that is a credit to themselves and I am proud of them all.


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