Wild Tribe

Wild Tribe is a chance to experience, explore and learn about the countryside its wild life, traditions and pastimes.

On the first Sunday of every month in 2011, starting on the 6th March, there will be a Wild Tribe event on and around the Fingle Bridge meadows.

The vision is to help and guide families and young people who wish to develop their own relationship with the countryside. We can over time provide a wide range of activities all based around the National Trusts estate which will excite, stimulate and educate and be guided by the interests of the Tribe members themselves.

Woodland dayA group may have with a particular interest in say traditional woodland skills, another in natural history, another in wildlife watch, either live or by setting up web cams, families with young children may enjoy forest school, older children may like to set up a mountain bike course. Each group would be a part of the Tribe and could come together to share their experiences on Wild Tribe days. People will be encouaged to move between groups to widen their experience and enjoyment.

Over the first few months we will be setting up a number of activities for you and your family to try we hope then if we get feedback to tailor the events to the needs of the families attending.

There is no compulsion to ‘join’ anything and it will be fine to come to just occasional days, however if you want to make a regular commitment to attending Wild Tribe events then much more can be achieved over time. This will be especially true for children who can grow into areas of interest and develop new skills and experience.
To book places at the Wild Tribe day or to get further information please ring 01647 433356 and ask for Tom or 01626 834748 and ask for Mick. Or email mick.jones@nationaltrust.org.uk

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