Winter in the walled garden

If you haven’t been into the walled garden for a couple of years, you will now see a miraculous change. With a small team of regular volunteers, our Green Giants and the Bovey community gardeners, this unique organic garden has plenty on show. Many plants have been added over the last couple of years but the most recent were planted last week; two types of pepper (Szechuan and Nepal), a Goji Berry, Japanese Wineberry and Sea Buckthorn. This autumn has been the first to try tulip and narcissi bulbs for cutting in the spring. The grape vines have just been pruned according to their training system and we are continuing to fight the good fight against the creeping buttercup. We are anxious to look after our wildlife and the many birds have enjoyed our fruits and now the seeds left in the wild flower patch. On a cold winter’s day, there is nothing better than relaxing on the bench and watching the woodpecker and his other feathered friends topping up on the bird feeders….aaah, the peace of it all.

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